Saturday, September 25, 2010

Kid's Clothes Week Challenge Day Seven

Potty training is majorly under way at my house, and with my little potty camper, it feels like I am chained to the bathroom. I swear, she would spend all day in there! Anyway, between hanging out in the bathroom with her and cleaning up accidents (with a little help from my awesome husband), I did manage to get this little jacket sewn. The pattern is The Girly Cardigan from Heidi and Finn. I did tweak mine a little. First of all, the original instructions say to line it. Well, I am kind of a sewing rebel and with this potty thing going on, who has time to sew in lining? So, I left it out. Second, I inserted the ties differently and made mine more of a wrap cardi instead of tying at the front. I just really like that look, so that's what I did. I also did the ruffling as I sewed it on by folding it under a little every inch or two. Katie loves it. She wore it around all afternoon. I hate that I was too busy to get a pic of her in it b/c it looks adorable on her.


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  2. This is very cute! Did you follow a pattern? I would love to make one. But it is probably above my sewing skills, I am still learning.

  3. It's actually pretty easy once you get going. Sewing the ruffle on was the toughest part. The pattern is called the Girly Cardigan from Heidi and Finn
    I love their patterns!

  4. Thank you for linking this adorable jacket up on my blog!:) Come and link every Wednesday!