Saturday, October 24, 2009

Refashioning My Clothes

My baby is scheduled to be delivered on Wednesday, if I do not go before that! My husband, Lou, and I are so excited to be bringing our little baby boy home this time next weekend! I am not only ecstatic about being mommy to a precious little girl and sweet baby boy, but I am also very happy to be getting back into my old clothes and, again, expressing my personal style. I lost thirty-five pounds on Weight Watchers between pregnancies, so I have all of these too big for me clothes that I kept "just in case" I got pregnant again that I will be able to wear for the next few weeks. However, after that, I may be at a loss for fashion just like now. I have been looking around on some of my fave and newly discovered crafty blogs to see if I can find instructions on upcycling some of my larger clothing instead of having to shop for all new stuff. (This makes my budget-conscious husband very happy.) Anyway, I found quite a few. A lot of them have ruffles and flowers, but what can I say, I'm a girly-girl. So, here is a short list of some of the coolest and easiest refashioning tutorials for womens' clothing that I have seen.
T-shirt/ Tank Dress
Flamenco Top
Ruffle Madness Top
Ruffle Top from Man's Shirt
Peasant Blouse from Man's shirt
Long Sleeve Shirt Refashion
Ruffle Tube Top
Ruffle Scarf
Women's Top
Jeans to Denim Skirt
Another Jeans to Denim Skirt
T-shirt with Flowers
Long Skirt to Cute Top
Swimsuit Cover-up or Long Top
Pillowcase Top
Ruffle Cardigan
Maternity Top to Wrap Tee
Heart Petals T-shirt
Maternity Top to Empire Top


  1. What a lovely blog you have! And that's a great list of links--I can hardly wait to explore them.

    Thanks for including mine!

  2. Thanks! I'm kind of new to blogging, but I have found that it is majorly addictive. Yours is really cool, too!