Monday, August 1, 2011

Looking Rosy

This afternoon, while Caleb was napping I set Cupcake Katie up with her own little craft table so I could get a little sewing done.
Lately, my sewing has been very limited to weekends when hubby is home and can keep the kids from killing each other or destroying the house while I work. Cupcake has decided that naps are for babies, and has been resisting all attempts to lay down because she is a "big girl'! Soooo, what to do? Crafty time with Mommy, of course!
While she was busy cutting paper with her little scissors and glueing pom-poms with Elmer's glue sticks, I was finally able to put together a little dress that I have had cut out for a couple of weeks. After we were done with our crafts, we braved the 115 degree heat index to snap a few quick pics before coming inside and rehydrating.
The fabric, which I had to have the moment I saw it, is from the Love collection by Amy Butler. The pattern is the Knot Dress pattern by Whimsy Couture.

I had such a great time during Mommy and Katie craft time that we will probably be doing it again tomorrow. See y'all then :)

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