Friday, May 7, 2010

Where's Kristin?

Here I am! I have been so busy lately with Mr. Caleb, who is rolling all over the living room and attempting to get into everything, and little Miss Cupcake Katie, who is just as feisty now that we are in the throws of the terrible twos. Sewing has kind of been put on the back burner in favor of knitting. It's not for lack of cut out projects (I currently have 4 little dresses ready to go), it's due to the need for stress relief and a kind of retreat. By the time nap time rolls around or I put the kids to bed for the night, I am anxious for some relaxation, so knitting has really been my creative outlet lately. I have heard that the first 6 weeks after giving birth is all about survival, but I believe that with the second baby, especially if they are as close as mine, it is more like the first 6 months or so. We are just now into a regular routine and enjoying the benefits of a full nights sleep and two children who sleep until 7 am. It took Caleb a lot longer than Katie, but I think he finally has the hang of it.
Here are some pics of my latest projects and of the kids:

Cookie A's Monkey sock pattern free from knitted in Variegated Vintage from Yarntini

Lou's diamond socks in Elann's Sock It to me 4 ply. Pattern from Wendy Johnson's book "Socks From the Toe Up."

Baby socks for my friend Jenny's baby girl, Sydney, who was born last week. Pattern is Better Than Booties baby socks in Knit Picks Imagination sock yarn

Burp cloth and applique bib I did for Jenny and baby Sydney

I finished my heart socks from the last post. Yay!

He loves the remote, even now. What a little man!

Typical day at the Geater house - very beautiful!

Katie "helping" Caleb play. Sunglasses are always a must. Thank goodness Target has them in the 1.00 section!


  1. You're awesome, woman!

    I need to get an order placed with you!

  2. I know all about not having time to blog! Hopefully I'll have more time for blogging (and fun projects!) once my class is over and the "lazy" days of summer are here, lol.

    As always, the kids are too cute, as are the things you made for baby Sydney (and there goes another baby name I love! That's what I get for waiting so long in between kids, right? j/k). I'll have to try those booties for sure!!! I could use some knitting relaxation. ;)

  3. Thanks Tamara! Erin, I will be happy to knit with you any time. Let me know when you want to tackle those socks!