Monday, May 24, 2010

Monkeys are complete

They're done! And, they are so cute! My Monkey Socks are done and on the blockers right now- just in time for the Memphis Area Knitting Guild meeting tomorrow night. Pics soon to come.
In other crafting news, well, not much sewing going on here still. I am still having some difficulty finding the time and energy to do it. However, I did set little miss down with some pretty paper and glitter glue today and let her go at it while little mister was napping. Maybe that will be the key to getting back to my sewing. In the mean time, enjoy these lovely pics from etsy.

Wool and Mohair blend sock yarn in Western Bluff from Yarn or a Tale

Superwash Merino in Funhouse from Tristabelle

Below is Superwash Merino sock yarn in Kermit's Revenge from Wild Fire Dreams. I'm loving all of the bright greens this spring!

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