Monday, February 8, 2010

It's all about the legs

I love little chubby baby legs! Who doesn't? My lovely friend, Kendall, is crazy about these things called Baby Legs aka baby leg warmers. She uses them for her baby girl, Olive, and when I was pregnant with Caleb she told me about them. Luckily, I received some at my baby shower from my other lovely friend, Jana. I was hooked from first use! So, I went online and found that they are 10.00 a pair on sale, which for me is crazy! I don't even spend 10.00 for my own socks. Not even 5.00 a pair. I got to looking at them and I just knew I could make them and that there had to be a tutorial for them somewhere out there in the blogosphere. Sure enough, I found a tute here at Everything Your Mama Made using knee socks. I drove to my favorite store, Target, and picked up six pairs of knee socks for about 14.00. That's a little over 2.00 and something per pair. I was thrilled!

Here are the finished ones:

I just love the diamond ones. They are my fave!
Here is my little chunky monkey wearing them:

They make diaper changing a lot easier! 
As you have seen in some of my previous posts, I have started sock knitting again. I am building my stash of sock yarn back up, and I've also been thinking of ways to use up some that I have been staring at for quite a while. I was reading on Knitting Like Crazy's blog about doing a different pair of socks every month. What a great idea! I am currently working on a pair of men's socks from Knitting Vintage Socks for my dad. They were suppose to be for his birthday, but I am way behind on them. Having two little babies and a lot of projects going leaves not a lot of time for knitting. I have made these my February socks, and some knitting during nap time and after they go to bed should have me finishing them before the end of this month. Here is the WIP so far:

Here is a pic of Katie's Valentines jumper. It's reversible. She wore this side to Mothers Day out on Friday:

As you can see, she was so happy to model for me.

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  1. Cute, cute, and cute! Love the baby legs, and the jumper, and Katie's face, lol.